Forgive Me

by Alexander
(North Carolina)

I’ve been trying to find
The pleasure
In all of this pain
Knowing I’m the one
Who caused it
But it still feels the same
And this pain is
Numbing me
I can’t feel anymore
So if I hurt you,
Hurt you
Forgive me Lord.

Please forgive me
I know I did you wrong
Oh forgive me yeah
Let me make right this wrong
And just before
You leave me behind
Oh won’t you forgive me
One more time.

In the lonely hour
Through sleepless nights
I got you on my mind
Hoping you’re sleeping alright.
Is it too much
To ask you
If you could
Forgive me
Cause I know it
Won’t be pain-free.

What must I do
What will it take
I’ve tried everything
But I still make mistakes.
And the harder I try
The farther I fall
I guess a little effort
Is better than none at all.

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