Forget this day forever

by Gokul Nair

ForGet this dAy foR ever.
I walkup early in the morning
Just thinking of you,
‘Cause you were in my dreams,
You were in my derams.

The sun was shining bright,
Lights spread around me, felling happy ,feeling at cloud number nine.

I thougt this day could be
The best day of my life
But no… ,but no…,but no…
It was just a fade.

I tied up my shoes,
With a lot of expectation on this day,
And one more time we met on the ground ,
Heading up to my eyes by you,
And you walked awayyy,
Now I know that you were leaving thus place forever……
It was a breaking moment for me,
And it broke up my hearrrrttt…
in a way that the silence could here the voice of my heart.

Time like a thief,
Stoles every moment of life,
But I didn’t realize , recognize,
This day is last day when we will meet together .

I was young, I was dump, sorry for that
I didn’t express what I fell for you ,
That I love you baby much more than my sole,
But the time has now arrived,
To forget this day foreverrrrrr……

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