Follow Up

by T-Girl Madrops

Oh baby
Tell me again

you shared your love
I don’t know why
I neglected you

You wrote so much
What’s in your heart
It’s plain and simple

Ain’t sure if I replied
Remind me if ya’ don’t mind
I Can‘t get you off my mind
So follow up

You only told me once
I know that was enough
But I want you to follow up
So say that you love me now.

Ask me again (if you remind me)
This time I swear (how much you love me)
I won’t hesitate (I will take it from there)
Do a follow up
Fo-follow –fo-follow up
Have you given up (it’s too soon to quit)
I was about (I know you want me)
To give you my heart (so come and get me)
So follow
Fo-follow up- follow up

I’m sorry I believed in this African practice
That a girl must delay her feelings
That’s why I was shilly-shallying to tell you how I feel
I’m changing my beliefs now I believe in you.
You sent your request, did I decline?
Ignore what I said now can I reply?
You’re slow like a snail
My heart is in pain
I’m going insane
So Please make it rain


If you love me- show me
Take your phone and call me
Right now I’m waiting
Follow up ….


I just wanna say thanks for the hint
To get all your answers click on the link
You are my B.F to be
Follow up follow up
Till you get what you need

It has been a week you don’t ask me a thing
I’m getting weak why torturing me?
The things that you said, you don’t say that and leave
Just keep telling me If you mean what you mean

Forgive me for shouting
In fact I’m crying
I can’t help this feeling
So please stop delaying

It was a test and you’ve failed it
It ain’t a matter you can do better
Ask me again I will take it from there
I’m trynna be fair so meet me half way

It’s a girl that you need
It’s T-Girl Madrops.

#T-Girl Madrops

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