F#$k Donald Trump

by Young Savage
(Los Angeles, California )

(First Verse)Waking up from a hard day
I don't wanna get up i just wanna stay
But i gotta make money
So my family can eat
There's nothing else i can do but work in the heat
I hop in the chevy silverado
White people look at me calling me a mojado
(Hook)And I got something to say
F#$k Donald Trump
You racist white punk
When i see you, you gonna run out of luck x3
(Verse 2)One day I paint a house making it look tight
The other im in a construction site Working for Mr. Wright
They trying to call me a rapist and a criminal
But i work all day and thats real you know
My only crime is being brown
I know how to get around
I see the ghetto bird chasing a homie for being illegal
How you gonna say I'm illegal when we was here before yo people
Yo people from a different continent Making commercials with all that fake advertisement
Saying latinos are taking your jobs But I've never seen a white boy working in the crops
The authority taking away my family one by one
Just cus they have a badge and a gun It's a disgrace to see
That we in the 21 century
And still act like this is 1733
(Verse 3)
Remember when you went to WWE?
Boii it's been a long time and you still crusty
Why you kick Jorge Ramos out of the press conference?
I think it's cus he was gonna ask you about your confidence
We all know you never gonna be the president of the United States of America
Cus you bitch, you suck dick, and this is no hotel erotica
Yo hair look like you just got fucked
Homie grab yo purse, your lipstick, and hop in your truck
Everybody know you gay

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