Fight for you - damidray

by williams



Damidray you know me wanna love you

Baby, Freindship aint just enough

You drive me crazy baby like its F1

This is something that i know u know

Why not open up and lemme love

tell me err'tn u want from me

Lemme hold u, kiss u,
Make u feel how u wana

Ama be the guy u wan me be

Baby, I can take a bullet for ya

Yeah, i know you probably won't beleive

You is something that we all admire

But, baby We is what we ought to be

Money aint a problem, u know that

You rich like how you ought to be

U gat the money, gat the body, gat 'em niggas in your lobby
Tryna orchestrate your body,

You is nt a maybe lady

You is far a better lady

You is all i want for me

tell me what you want fromm me

Never love another niccur

If you want me still alive

What i want is more than friendship

Baby gurl come be me wife

To love me aint really that easy

Yeah, i know its kinda hard for u

Everytime, i call you, youu are busy

Sincerely, know your heart is not wimme

U make me hate your other dude freinds

Cos u make me think dat you love them

ion even know aw i feel

Buh surely,i do know i love you

Why u pretend always not to feel

Or maybe gurl, u never really feel

Maybe your last guy really took your heart

And maybe that is why you are heartless

Baby gurl, lets be honest

U gat d beauty body of a goddess

U are principled not d lawless

All dz round curves, make u flawless

Gurl u so hot, gurl u so hot

i had 2 mistake u 4 a furnace

So baby gurl, wah we talkn bout?

Who else do u think i wana love???

Who else do u think befits ma status???

Who else am i really gonna fight for???

Who else am i really gonna die for????

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