Ferragamo Skrt- Ft LIL,AD

by Adrian

Ya Ya Ya
Lil AD in the building
Lets get it!!

(Verse 1)
My niggas be rocking Ferragamo. (Ferragamo)
I be finessing girs with hunnid on my wrist ya.
21 hunnid in my pocket. ima get my self hunnid
diamonds. Driving a rari too school im too cool
for you. (skrt skrt) knock this nigga out
cause he tryin to finesse my 458.
fuck a lil bitch she want it.
fuck a lil bitch she on it. ( Skrt skrt)
Why we on vacation ya.
slide up in this shit ya. ( ya ya )
watch how i flex. (Flex)
watch how i run up the checks. (run up)
girl you gonna have the best time of your life.
all i need is one night with you.

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