by Dan

This was a great contest and there were so many great entries. I think it would be great if there was some way that entrants could get constructive feedback from the judges. I realize there were a lot of entries for them to comment on each one but if there were notes kept during the judging that would be useful for entrants to see as feedback.

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Sep 25, 2010
Thanks Dan
by: mrJack

Dan, I'm so glad you are on this thread...and I hope others will chime in. What you are asking for is exactly what we are trying to do...but not just comments from the judges or voters during the contest...we will keep them online, available...and good things will happen for good writers. I will be explaining the marketing logic of this in some follow-up newsletters (see "Newsletter" link on nav bar and make sure you are subscribed!).

We will be putting the voting and comments site live again very soon. We will also be adding some features that we are very excited about.

Stay tuned....and THANKS!!!

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