by Mariam Baulus
(Phoenix, Az, United States )

I don't know why I'm so into you
Can you tell me if this is clear to you even though my laces are tied I don't know if I should fight because without you my future doesn't seem bright
All I know is I'm falling
I was broken but now I'm healed
Your the one I need
I convince my self I'm over you but with one "hello" I come crawling back to you
Every "goodbye " is harder than the last. I'm tongue tied lost for words but the feeling is blast
My Feelings are real
can't be duplicated or replaced.
I still think of you even when your miles away.
Babe you know I'll wait for you
So tell me you will stay
Tell me you won't leave
Tell me that I'm the one you need.
(*RAP PART* I'm coming to a conclusion, rumination, deliberation,contemplation that that's all in my head but I'm okay I'm okay I know I'll be okay)
I don't know what we're doing
I don't know where we're going
I know I should move on everybody tells me
The conversations in my head "I like you" "no I don't " the " I need you " "but I don't " are driving me insane but without you I know I won't survive.
But babe you know I'm waiting for you
So tell me you won't leave
Tell me I'm all you need
Tell me your the one for me

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