Falling notes

by Koa
(California )

There’ll be lead in my head before an antidote
I don't know what i might do but i might blow
I shall build my self up and bring myself down
I’ll just do that to see how my life plays out2x

Cause you know i have tried, i have lied
I have cried myself to sleep
To only see that
you won't save me

With the blood and pain and don't forget the liars
Without me you won't build a umpire
If you don't part with me consequences will be dire
Ive become someone else
Oh god please drag me out of this hell!
The only logic is i can't excel
woah oh no

oh (Save me, oh save me, save me, oh save me, save)

There’ll be lead in my head before an antidote
Say what you want to say imma just go home
You tell me everything thing you think you are
But you already know im not you!
(So far from you! (woah oh)

With the pain the blood and the full fledged curse
I cant hold back and you can't hold up
I keep wanting to hold on to what i love
But with every finger you stomp i want to fall of

We will run across the lines! Skim through the water!
Lets just forget the lies! And help one and another
But you refuse, with all your anger and abuse!
Please get it together have you heard of a fucking truce?

Save me (oh save me) save me (oh save me)
Save me (don't save me) Save me (don't save me)
Save me (oh save me) save me (oh save me)

Look i told you a hundred times
Don't look or talk across the edge of the line
But i let you cross with a blink of an eye
What am i? Broken i am
What is life? You don't understand
These arguments have become so bland
Might aswell leave with a note in my hand 2x

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