by Ben

keep talking stalking your unconscious mind that's all that's left when you are in a bind on your knees begging god please give me a sign maybe we can be friends this time world is a pit of slime oozing into my ears reminding me that nobody cares nothing left but hateful swears i can feel it as the feeling draws near look around and nobody's there a compilation of my greatest fears ain't nobody gonna visit you here better crack open a beer get fucked up and forget why you're here cocaine LSD mushrooms can already hear the sonic booms ecstasy lied to me no real friends for me its what you do when you been fucked by society yeah i'm different ever since i was an infant all i ever wanted was love and all i got was indifference I almost passed out mid sentence losing all control my penchant room is spinning voices screaming I should stop this now pull the knife from my throat and i ask them how and all i get is silence maybe this is why motherfuckers resort to violence people don't listen to kindness all they want is your sadness then they can mock you into madness when all you wanted was happiness getting thrown under the short bus grabbing on to the axle gonna get a short rush getting dragged through deep slush getting so cold i can hardly breath icy water splashing in my eyes and i cant see yeah that's why I'm tripping B all i can do is smile see

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