Everything's gonna be alright

by musa muhammad

(This a little something for yall)

Verse 1: Musa

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be on
This earth, or I wish it happened differently
With my birth
Dealing with the troubles of being raised by a
Single mother, and the grief of my slain grandmother
Living in a life not having a lot, but having
Enough, just barely making it
Going from school to school was tough
Not having a real friend
At most times I felt alone, like I was
The only one on this planet, having to
Figure it all out on my own
No friends, no one who loves me. Sometimes
I feel like my family isn't even there
For me. Dealing with the struggles of
Poverty, being neglected by people it bothers me
So I turn to drugs to keep sane
Putting myself through heel just to ease
The pain. Feeling like I'm hellbound, but
Hell can't be worse than this cause I'm
In hell now. Trapped in this living hell
I need to escape it. Thought of
Suicide, but didn't know how my family
Would take it. Living this life ain't
For everybody, but keep ya head up, ya
Mind right, and know that everything's
Gonna be alright

Keep ya head up
Ohhh child things are gonna get
Ohhh child things are gonna get brighter(Repeat)

Verse 2: Musa

Growing up not handed a silver spoon
Just another black brother tryna get through
Moving from town to town, no consistency
Wasn't my mother's fault, she tried
Her best to keep some simplicity in our lives
And we tried to get used to it
But getting older and losing friends wasn't
Something I could get used to, not one
Bit. No stable home, no stable friends
Mama tried her best to raise three men
Living in a house, raised by a single mother
Neglected by my older brothers, imagine that
Childhood. They produced a quiet boy with
The heart of a lion. Even all that heart
Couldn't stop me from crying. At times, I
Felt alone, like it was just me against
The world, but not even this world could
Break me. If anything, it made me, and
Still I keep my head up through all the
Pain and adversity, and keep my mind straight
To get out of this world of misery


Keep ya head up
Ohhh child things are gonna get
Ohhh child things are gonna get brighter(Repeat)

Verse 3: Musa

All the pain inside
Eating you alive
Just let it go
All the anger bottled up
All to just look tough
Just let it go
It's no sin to cry
No sin for your eyes
To be dry
Just let it go
Let it all out
All the pain, anger, and fear
Just... let it go

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