Ethan Joins a 90s Boy Band SONG

by (Lyrics posted by Lukas) - Song writer H3h3 productions & Schmoyoho
(aids town)

Go to the beach and frost your tips
Stay in the sun till' it looks like you have jaundice
Play some volleyball with some hot babes
Take em' to your mom's place
And give them aids
Spread the aids
My little brother's watchin' with binoculars on
It might be wrong, but in the 90's it's alright!
Cause' I'm wearin' my Puka Shell necklace tonight (Puka Shell necklace tonight)
I'm gonna make you jizz......cuzi with me tonight! (hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
This doesn't sound right....

Song Ends, just more blabbering on

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