by Mohammad

mom's love

You want to hurt your mom,so you are going to fordo your time
don't interpellate me about the time.
'cause you can be called alive if and only if your moms is satisfied
You haven't heard about that guy?when he was going to die
and the angel of death,was knocking him off,then he went to his mom giving it up
please ma, forgive and save me from this monster.
It wasn't a second till, the monstrosity fade and the monstrous monster turned into a beauteous angel.
en don't forget your babyhood,when you were the food of a housefly.
en you didn't have the power to get ride of a bug.
at that time your mom,was tutelar,lookout,making up for every bug in you.

Present from a modest rapper to all mothers in the world ...

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Mar 26, 2014
What I mean is.... NEW
by: Em-Z

Hi, Actually I'm new too!
I'm trying to advice those who do not respect their mothers!
I hope you get it.

Mar 26, 2014
What are you trying to say????? NEW
by: Steve P

Sorry,I am not familiar with the rapping scene.I really do not understand the meaning......Sorry,you will have to explain it to me.

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