Empty My Head

by Cody Boothe
(Grand Rapids, MI)

She said, "I need to find myself."
Gonna go for an adventure.
She wanted to be separate.
So she had to lie to find it within herself.

She's gonna say, "I obviously have nothing to say." Hey...I haven't heard a sound for so long. And you hit me with cruelest you could hold. Hey, hey. Hold what you are about to say.

She said, "something changed."
She couldn't feel the same for so long.
Yearn for some type of adventure.
And I said "you were my best friend for all this time."

She's going to say, "not like I used to." Hey...I haven't felt it the same way. And you said the cruelest you could hold. Hey...hold what you are about to say.

I know of sonder.
And I know that my issues are mine.
You can hold on to your own.
And we will be "happy for a change."

She spoke of true colors. Hey...yours aren't so bright. But I could always find it somewhere in there. Hey...hold that hand and say what you really want to say..

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