Elizabeth Fernandez

by Elizabeth Fernandez
(United Kingdom)

Genres: Country / Metal, Punk, DeathCore / Poetry
Label: Elizabeth Francina Fernandez

I am 37 year old beautiful goddess :)

My health has been a battle since I was born; I have tried to achieve the best I can in life as I can. My health has limited my educational background but I have treated against many odds with chronic pain.

I therefore have looked at other avenues of creating income through writing and music compositions which I have produced myself under my own label.

My first Album is out 31st May 72 Sigils that can be purchased on ITunes and other distributors.

I am an international writer on all genres including screenplays a publicist and an inventor for construction.

I am of Mizrahi and Sephardic heritage which has developed my music taste and what I wish to accomplish in my life at 37.

My mother is part Ashkenazi and converted to (RC) as French Jews in a new country, my mother is part Portuguese on her dad side. My mother played classical masterpieces from Beethoven to Shubert while I listened to punk rocker Blondie and glam rock Queen and Bowie later Jean - Michel Jarre

My Late father listened to Mizrahi and Klezmer
So I have combined my soul in everything I do to reflect my consciousness through my music.

I am a poet and my poems are at the rare collection at waterstones in Harrods. Knightsbridge. London.
I had learned the piano from the age of 5 years, I write songs and poetry.
I compose black metal instrumentals with a symphonic and melodic audio sound that moves the soul.
This is my art work; I believe everything has beauty even death the afterlife.

I saw the happiness of my late father when he passed away it was another journey another plane.

The 72 sigils is a piece of music used for invoking angels of the Sephirot and the cover has zodiac signs, runes to speak to like minded individuals who can know my consciences.

So enjoy my creations!

Contact: debiryinnovations@yahoo.co.uk

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