Eddie Rhoades

by Eddie Rhoades
(Georgia, USA)

I am a writer of songs that run the gamut of genres, magical mystical songs that I believe in. I love to write story songs that have a beginning, a middle an
an end like my Baby Blue Guitar song, my Rock Bottom Bar song and others like it.

I also like songs that have simple lyrics where the focus is mostly on the music as my Cowboy Slide tune which is a great dance number.

I have several humor songs including The Dolly Song and Toss It. I sang Toss It as the opening number for the Durango Songwriter’s Festival in Ashville in 2008.

I have one childrens song and two gardening songs. The gardening songs are both getting radio air time.

I have several country rock numbers plus some real tear-jerkers.

These songs and more are designed to bring out the full range of emotions in you. They make people want to jump up and dance one minute, laugh the next and maybe even get teary-eyed at a poignant tune. These are songs that people can identify with. They are songs that A&R people don’t necessarily like because they are not exactly like commercial songs you hear on the radio but the public loves these songs. (Many musicians face this same problem).

I confess I don't play out as much as I should or as I would like. Sometimes I just sit in my basement and play to the wall. The times I have performed for the public I did well as when I won the Talent Contest aboard the Princess Cruise Ship and when I got the best reception at the Newcomers Showcase at the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

I have one CD titled Last Man Standing available on http://www.cdbaby.com/eddierhoades plus I have a second CD in the works that will be released in 2009. I haven't yet decided where I will hold the CD release party.

My brother Robert often joins me in my performances singing backup and playing either guitar or conga drums. He also has a selection of beautiful original love songs. I cannot begin to name all the musical influences in my life but here are a few: Chuck Berry - the father of rock and roll lead guitar, Buddy Holly - a white boy with soul and a great songwriter, Elvis Presley - my hero, I loved the early Elvis and the Jordannaires, Bob Seeger, Jimmy Buffet, Willie Nelson, Carl Perkins and of course, The Beatles plus so many more.

You are invited to visit my website at http://www.bittersweetgardens.com. I am probably the most affordable performer around and am available for open mic, house parties, music festivals and other venues. I am enjoying life and music.

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