Dirty South'z Best Rapper

by Marcos Smith
(Pacolet, SC USA)

I'm a rapper/songwriter trying to live da dream!!!

I'm from Pacolet, South Carolina and been rapper since birth. Music is what keeps me going besides GOD and my family. My music is unique and orignal, but like a dirty south version of the late great 2Pac. Not only do I rap, but I have my own studio so I can record my own music without having to pay for studio time. I have opened up for Fabo when he was in Spartanburg performing at a bike show. The crowd was loving my songs and request for me to do a second performance. The hood where I'm from is feeling my music, no negative feedback have been made. Also, Slip-N-Slide was looking to sign me, but I missed my deadline because I went to jail. I also have my own mixtape, which is the hottest mixtape ever. My lyrics are raw and real. Inspired by a handful of artists, I only rap about what I know and see. I'm not afraid to rap about anything, no matter how harsh or personal those things may be. My music paints a picture of what my life has been like and how I see the world. My fearless style is something I attribute to the storytelling power of Tupac Shakur. My stage name "Mystery" is somewhat ironic considering how my music is like an open book to my life. But with this great gift that I was given I have to give all the credit to the Almighty Lord!!!!!

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