by DeeKay

I will reach higher, until I hold the fame.
I’m building an empire, until they know my name.
Im like the umpire, I control the game.
I’m a rapping animal, and I am not tame..
Every single rookie is just a pet
I will control them because I am the vet.
I will rap about money until I reach debt.
You think you’re fly, but I control the jet..
I’m the rapping teacher so you can’t test this.
I will bring down your block like a game of Tetris.
Then I will rap/wrap around you so fast,
That I will make your neck twist..
My rhymes are sweet but my style is sour.
I will be spitting fire like my name is Bowser.
Look up to me cuz I am the higher power.
Like a can of gas I got the fire power.
You can’t break my spiritual will power
It just makes my lyrical skill louder..

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