Debra Farris - Musician, Composer, Performer, Producer

by Debra Farris
(Santa Barbara)

Debra Farris performance w/ her band

Debra Farris performance w/ her band

Within every hit song is something so irresistible, unique and compelling that it’s impossible for people to ignore. It gives the listener something to take home in their pockets. It's memorable. It sticks. The hook or melody stays with us, and we find ourselves humming it after the stereo is turned off.

Composer Debra Farris digs into the muse to find those hidden jewels that make a song extraordinary. With crafting savvy and creative excellence, she breathes life into a song to connect with listening audiences in ways you never thought possible.

After 25 years of splitting her time between pouring her heart out onstage and writing, Singer/Songwriter Debra Farris turns her full attention toward composing. Debra's extraordinary diversity and prolific ability to write in multiple genres makes her an asset to the songwriter's pool. In short, Debra's musical contribution is making a meaningful difference in the world of music. Whether it's Blues, Folk Reggae, Children's music, jazz or an instrumental chase scene, Debra's originals are compelling. Take a listen, and feel the difference.

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