Death penalty

by YsterG

The Eye is now prison and life is now death
I hold my head high
And when I write down low
They say the penalty is strict
But sometimes I just don't know
What they're all dying for
Killing a man
And not giving a damn
Betraying your country
Your whole life is a sham
Understanding nothing
Your stupiditys blinding
To many brothas
Reverting to suiciding
It's funny how the lives of the few
Are controlled by the many
One nation under god
Now sounds kinda funny
Brothas killing brothas
Mom gets mad
Now it's mothers hanging brothas
More sons with no dad
Simple minded flow
Knocking at society's door
Telling them to wake up
The game is on
Pay attention this is real life not Pokemon

As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death
There will never be love so don't hold your breath
Some think that when you kill one you save another
Some think that when you kill one you educate a brotha
But really when you kill one you murder a whole family
Really quite a tragedy
And a painful fatality
But according to society it's a heroic anomaly
Some form of protection
Hm they wanna save one they say how about lethal injection
Yeah kinda ironic
Well I guess opposites attract so its kinda ionic
They say blood follows blood
Then why did I see one hunting a crypt
Shoots him in the head
Then ghost rides the whip
Almost accurate rendition
Of wats up everyday
Focus on nuclear fission
What's that anyway

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