Dear Mom and Dad (A Letter)

by Tylers Falzone

Dear Mom and Dad

Verse 1:

I know we have been through so much
Beginning in the 5th grade
I would mess up and you would be saying I was throwing my life away
I never really understood until I hit the age of 16
Started thinking smarter and wiser
Wanted to fill the footsteps of my father
But I knew whatever I did was a mistake
Could never please you like I invisioned
We grew up in so much stress
I would forget to put the trash out
It was simple things that we stressed
So much tension in the air
But things changed once we realized
The importance of sticking together as a family
I grew up and we become more friends then parents
And that's okay
Because I always have you guys in mind
Winning anything I want you to be their
I'm going to be moving out soon
And with that starting my own family
But you helped raise me to be the best I can be
Taking you guys along with me
One day we will see each other again
When we're all grown up
Looking back at the memories of the past
As we were little kids
You have the boys and now a baby girl
I'm so proud of both of you
Sticking through when things got hard
Dealing with all of my distress
And cleaning up all my messes
Hopefully one day I can show you who I have become
And I know we will always be together
Even if distance was effect and the weather
We will always find away to help each other
Theirs certain holidays to demonstrate ones accomplishments
But parents have such a hard job
Their should be more then one
I love you dad for giving me all the advice
And mom for always helping me even when I caused a fight
I wouldn't be anywhere without you guys
And hopefully one day you can forgive me for all the lying and deceiving I have done
I promise I will stay on the right path
Bringing only positive into my life
You don't have to worry about us
We're all going to turn out fine
Because we have such amazing parents to guide us through
To show us what to do in life
Dad has the key to staying smart
Mom will teach you how to clean
Together they teach us what we need to know
And I love you both
Thank you

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