Darken sky's

by Adrian arabie
(Richmond mo)

Every moment wishing I can stare at the clock knowing every minute counted.
Now I'm staring at the dirt before me 
Staring at the sun change to a full moon
Staring at the skin ageing every minute
As I'm laying on the pile of leafs crunching them to peices even then I know my own path
Smelling the breeze knowing nothing left I still need to give all
Fanted stares at the stars lighting the clear sky as this broken heart darkens these sky's
As I stare in to the water a distorted reflected pictues of me taking my last drink
In the empty feild there I was alone
Looking into the sky hearing my voice echoing like an empty hall way
As I think no one was there for me I look to my side there I was lying on the ground
As I smile I close my eyes peace at last only to wake up to the hell I once thought I left.

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