Dara Stop Being Jerk

by Raihan Caesario Ibrian

Childown I'll be alright, don't mind about me, it doesn't hurt anymore, all the thing I could imagine was YOU, about how asshole I am, I realized how bad I've done to you since last time, once again I'm not the one who has been selfish anymore dar.

because what.. but whyy ; _;

Anyway you sucks dar

Just saying I hate you more sometimes in the past, but I'm trying hard to handle it. Because people always said, If he can't handle you at your worst, then he doesn't deserve you at your best. Get it right?

but love you too then <3

It's ridiculous to imagine how you used to be joking lol.

WHY why did you just said something like that, you haunted me you made my heartbeat faster :( I guess I'll be late for school tomorrow because you said that. I hope it's not one of your jokes AGAIN lol, it's hard to believe how bad if you used to be joking..

And dara still jerking around now.

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