Daddy's Old Steel Guitar

by Larry W Jones
(Longmont Colorado)

Kingwood Kowboy

Kingwood Kowboy

Daddy's Old Steel Guitar (Larry W. Jones 09/15/2006) (song#4008)

In a corner by the back wall
In the middle room down the hall
My Daddy kept his steel guitar for so long
As I grew up as a lanky kid
I dreamed of doing what my Daddy did
And play that steel guitar to his favorite song

Daddy made that steel guitar ring - steel guitar ...

When Daddy died I had to cry
But I knew I had to try
To play his old steel guitar that now was mine
So I practiced on it every day
Trying to play it my Daddy's way
I played his favorite song ten thousand times

Now I make that steel guitar ring - steel guitar ...

I wish I still had my Daddy now
So I could show him proudly how
How his old steel guitar sounds the same
So, I'll just slide this steel along
Play my Daddy's favorite song
And try to remember how he played again

Now make this steel guitar ring - steel guitar ...

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