Crowd (screaming)

by Nhonipho “King Statik” Mbotho & Lunga Big-L Ndlovu

Verse 1: Big-L
I Do It
4 The FAN'S
Welcome 2 The Glam
Nikka's Talking bout That River But I Don't Give a DAMN
DAMN I'm Busy buffing On these herbs
you know I stand corrected U Can Even Mark my word's

Once a apon Time
A Youngen with killer rhymes
He Stepped inside The studio So Greatness Get Justified
U Gotta Mime It
My social Life is a Erick
These Nikka's be plane stupid and
I Ain't Talking Bout A pilot
I grab The Mic then The crowd goes crazy
Right then I knew That The power can change Me

My pocket change
I changed tryna be u They Tryna Exchange who u R I'll Never change fool
Now back 2 back rat-attack talking bout how we Gon Make It
I'm finna crack Teeth I Can Even Rap Thru prasise
I'm on That EGo Trip & I Ain't talking bout a vacation
I Give u half of Me That Mean's I bless u with My Greatness

Fuck It I'm still breathing
End of The Show Just wanna hear The Crowd screaming
Fuck It I'm Still breathing
@ End Of The show Just wanna hear the crowd screaming

sample + hook
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
(I want em people
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
(Still screaming)
Ooh Ooh Ooh
(I want 'em people

Verse 2: King Statik
Is It Me Or The Fan Base
Is Just GeTting Bigger
The Bigger The Star, The Bigger The Crowd
My Lil Sister Gotta Be Proud So Neither My Mom
By The Time She Turn Five
She Be Bumping My Shii (ah)
No Disrespect But I'm basking on My own Shine
Gettin' More Cred's And Due Respect it's My time

Fvck Em Lane In The Streets,
I Pave My Own Way
And They Say Numbers Don't Lie
I Put My Family First
Why Argue About Hater's
When There's More To Life
Fan's show Love And Support Cos We're About That Life
DOPENATION Over Everything We Forever GANG$TA
L Told Me Finish The Job
I Never Hesitate

I Put My Life In This Rap Shii and Humanity
So If I Don't Blow up In Time
I Gotta Switch The Clock
And If you Dudes Fighting With Time
You Would Be Timeless
Then Keep All My Records Clean/
My Journey Is Flawless..

I am so dope
Tell me if you wanna go
We leaving

Ah it's more to life
Life is part of dreams
I'm wide awake
The Family

Sample + hook

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