Controlled by Substance

.I'm just trapped by the way you can make me feel.
Unwilling to relinquish your lasting control over me.
An outward smile is very misleading inside I feel ill.
Yes I'm to proud to say that I'll never ever be free.

Stumbling through this life with no one to grab onto.
Parish the thought that someone would even care.
Misery is the only thing that loves me that's my motto.
You wouldn't understand my reasons for being scare.

Under no delusions of the influence of a conclusion.
Despite all the support of friends I'm going it alone.
Handfuls of tears captures my life's story of confusion.
This unrecognizable person in the mirror is unknown.

Brokenness is one persons sacrifice for guilty pleasures.
There's no scar tissue visible to show my past wounds.
Escape from reality is just temporary but it's my treasure.
In my world the sun never shines even in the afternoons.

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