Comeback (Prod. K3 Productions)

by Tyler Falzone

(Prod. K3 Production)


This world seems so cold
It left me froze and alone
Standing with my back against the wall
Struggling to keep up
Even though I know what's best
Everything seems so stressed
Maybe I need a breathe
To keep my head up
But I'm falling back again
Only way to clear my mind
Is to bleed my heart into these beats
Open up and feel free
Use this gift to fly free
Show the world that I can get back up on my feet
Because when you get knocked down so many times you forget
How to believe
Faith is something that we feel
But when it's no longer here
We fall back and we can't get back up
I'm speaking to all
Who felt weak
Who couldn't see themselves
Live until next weak
And heartbreak is factor
But only until we get the point
But it stills feels like we're falling
Even though we're free
Set ourselves on the path
Of always forgetting the fact after
When your so alone you rather be
Six feet deep
Where you truly feel accomplished
Like you never was something
We have those days
When all we do is pray
Hoping the next day
Isn't as bad as it was today
Believe me I've felt this way
And still to this day I never give to much
Because I've learned to expect less
Confidence is a conscious requirement
Never put down yourself unless you believe in the action
And never judge someone unless you have acted like them
This goes out to everyone who's just trying to find them self
I always say give credit it where it's due
And by the looks of it you made it through
Go ahead stand up and give yourself a round of applause
You just made it another day
Keep the bad things away
And keep safe

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