Come on

by Smiley

I can't believe you're so close to her.
I saw her wrapping her arm around your shoulder
and you seemed to be happy.

Come on Come on love me like i love you
come on come on move on from her come to me
no matter what happens i'll always love you.

I am sure you could care less if i die
you just want to be with her and paint the sky
and i walk by and see you whispering lovely things to her ear that i can never hear.

come on come on love me like i love you
come on come on say that you love me too
and if you do i will be so happy

whoa oh yeah...

whenever you see her pretty face you smile but you can never see her ugly inside. because she don't wanna show who she really is and i wish that i could open your eyes and make you see who she's actually but for now just

come on come on i would do anything if you just come on come on i will love you to death no matter what happens i will be happy as long as you're with me

i would die
i would cry
i would fly away with you only if you loved me i would have been so happy . COME ON...

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