Colorado Music Business Organization "COMBO"

by Barb Dye
(Denver, CO)

The Colorado Music Association was founded in 1999 by Dolly Zander as an outgrowth of the Rocky Mountain Music Association. The group has been going strong since then with more than 3,000 active members.

Based out of Denver, the group currently is governed by a board of 8 directors. Because of a conflict with the acronym, the board recently voted to add a d/b/a name to our registered name so the COMBO acronym was born and the Colorado Music Business Organization is now off to soaring heights!

Working directly with other associations like BMI, Soundscan, and SoundExchange, COMBO participates in events and festivals such as the People's Fair, the Warped Tour, Broomstock, and other local major fairs, etc.

The goal of the organization is to educate and inform the musician/artist of any issue that may affect their business such as copyright and tradename laws, performance rights, and "How to's... " on just about anything in the music business.

Please check out our websites at , and (if you're a Colorado artist) only.

Or contact Barb Dye, President, at 720-570-2280 (office) or 303-832-5505 (home).

The COMBO office is located at 1490 Lafayette, Suite 104-B, Denver, CO 80218.

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