by David

I'm just another bastard created in the fog of war,
just another country less fiend without a home!''

''Throw me out the place I grew up, the place I call mine,
you take it all away claiming it to be yours.''

''Fighting it makes me a terrorist, a threat to the state! I can never win! I was a born loser from the start!


''Left wing commies plead my staying, right wing facists want me gone,
this is the conflict in which I was born''

''Send me to the place where I am hated, send me to those who wanted me gone, the exotic country I never visited''

''My real home! a place I never knew before! a language I don't speak!
but the place you claim my home''


''No home..
no ethnicity..
no country..
no race..''

''I'm just a bastard without a home''

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