Cleopatra (Pyramids II)

by Ruth Olatunji

He saw me working in the pyramid
He thought I was perfect when he saw me in the light
The darkness broke just for a little bit
I could finally see his arms in the moonlight
The way he smirked before he noticed it
Was past another day
I could've been his wife
But my heart broke before it settled in
The thieves had taken all his jewels last night

Cleopatra cleopatra
Did you have to?

Can you just hold me a for little bit?
Can you just count the stars and tell they're all mine?
My heart is broken in the middle bit
I guess I smashed it when I left last night
I didn't mean for you to shed a tear
I just wanted you tell me my crown's here
Right here.

Cleopatra cleopatra
Did you have to?

I begging stay just for a little bit
I'm begging stay until it reaches next sunrise
But he won't let me make it up him
Won't even let me make him feel alright
I'm yelling Samson wouldn't even fit
The hole that's left without you by my side.
Right behind
By my side
I can make you feel alright
By my side

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