Classic Thought

by Andrew Fischer-Gledhill
(Selden, New York)

Gluons, to muons, listen to this new song.
The neon lights, it’s the Nobel ten, hit the rewind listen again.
From Monkey to Mars
From inventing the wheel to conquering stars
Neutrinos to neurons
Transforming old verses to a genre of new songs
A vacuum stuck in time and sound
Stuck under the microscope
Invigorate, the elevate
Binominal nomenclature, separate pieces and parts that come together
The next dissertation, is explaining a broken nation
It’s the hypothesis
The scientific theory, enlightening to see the world more clearly
Like a knight with my words, battling with my adjectives and verbs
It’s the operant, the conditioner to condition in, the classical soft, I micro, till its breaking it off.
We better sit down at the round table, the forgotten fable, oh so familiar

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