Circus Dreams

by Travis
(Houston, Texas)

There’s nothing like a circus family,
Where there’s always a perfect harmony.
Although everything may not be as it seems
Nothing changes in the hopes of circus dreams.

A little clowning a ‘round
Maybe the answer to a big top bound.
For newcomers it’s an adventure
For ol’timers it’s an extra measure.

When you are the next one in line,
There’s no doubt where you’ll be in perfect shine.
Everyone in the crowd will know your name
Your talent and care will earn you your fame.

You are the key to the future
So be wise when you do super…
From around the ring to atop the tightrope beams
There’s nothing quite like circus dreams.

Now you are so little and cannot do it
But one day that will change a bit.
You’ll do so perfect you can do whatever you want to do
You’ll do the things wished by only a few.

When the circus comes straight to town
And everybody is happy to come on down.
It will be your time to make it shine
It will feel like you are on cloud nine.

There’s nothing like a circus family
When your mom and dad make it a true fantasy,
Every night has its own different themes
What can be more fun and grand than circus dreams?

Elephants trumpet, seals bark, and horses stumble
Where clowns march around and start to rumble
Acrobats do with ease with the trapeze
Pies are thrown, balloons are blown, there’s a show to seize.

There is no limitation inside the tent
You’ll see the endless fun of where it went.
You will have plenty of time to plan your schemes
Believe in yourself when you dream of circus dreams.

There’s nothing like a circus family
Magic really makes you what you want to be.
By working with magic and happiness as two teams
Nothing can stop you, when you dream of circus dreams.

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