Circle of Death

by Steve Vallorani

She was standin on Linden, sellin off the last of her pride
Just last week she was due to be a bride
She was livin the good life, with a house on the hill, but her baby left her when she thought she could take one last pill

Last night she told herself she had enough of this sh*t
But An old Chevy pulls up, she does what she needs for the hit
She never thought she'd be here when she through herself back in the mix
There's a tired in her eyes that sleep just can't fix

She takes a seat in the alley, her little boy keeps watch
Tries to keep her hand steady, this one she can't afford to botch
She finally hits the same old vein, and just for a moment she can't feel the pain

Her mind starts to panic, but her body won't budge
Like someone dipped her in a pool of sludge

Her boy runs over his eyes bulge wide
He sees his mommas head drop lifeless to her side
The boy stares at his mom, he don't know what to do, his moms face is turning blue
He flags down a stranger to call 911
But it's too late,"pretty girl what have you done?!"
Last I heard that boys heart runs cold, his momma died at 23, his soul at 8 years old.
Now he sits in court with a tattooed tear in his eye
He got caught with 3 keys, now he sits and waits as the judge comes out to announce his fate

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