by Nicole Westerhouse
(Indianapolis, IN)

Grow up
That's what they always say
You need to grow up
It's not yesterday
You're not a child
Too old to go wild
Time to wake up
Time to make up for lost time
Stop living in the clouds
It's time to try

Your silly little rhymes
Aren't cutting it this time
It's not cute like it used to be
There is no room for dreamers
Or for make-believers in the real world
You're not a little girl anymore
Don't you think it's time you want more

Than for these words to get out
More than just to scream out loud
These things inside me
That hide so easy
The girl I really I am

And don't care what they say
They can say what they want to
But I know who I am
Yes, I am a dreamer
Yes, I am a child
Yes I like to sing my songs
I run a little wild

And I'm not ready for your real world
So keep it to yourself
I won't be defined
By anybody else
So what if I live in the clouds?
I'm allowed to
And I'm proud to
Can't you see
All of this is all of me

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