Child Of You

by Savannah Luyk

Before the Earth was made
Before the Sun and stars were shining
You were there, You were there
Before I breathed you in
Before I spoke your name
You were there, You were there

You've given me so much
I'm a child of you
So tell me why I mess up
Because it's not enough for me

I will honor you through everything
I will follow you when I tell the world your story
Nobody's gonna shake me and
Nobody's gonna take me
'Cause I'm living my life for you

After I came to be
After I started growing
You loved me, You loved me
After the rain
After the early mornings
You loved me, You loved me

This life is not my own
I'm in waters deep
And they could drown anyone
Anyone who looks away
I feel your presence in me
You say that I'm not alone
I guess I understand
How you love me so much

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