by james lopez
(chapachet ri usa)

when me and you get together it's like biology because we have so much chemistry when you put 1 and 1 together it equals two and that is us when i look at you you are the only person that makes me feel this way i love the feeling i wish i could have you but everybody is like no oh no don't go out with him he is crazy and he might kill you i try to ignore them but i get so scared i've been through relationships like this before i want it to work i want to give it a try but i don't know how you feel i need to know it's killing me so please let me know do you feel about me do' alright i respect you and i like you i wish you were my one and only you make me smile i blush when i'm around you i get all these emotions inside i don't know what to do somebody help me i get butterflies when i'm around you i try and try to make you notice me what should i do since there is so much chemistry between us don't break my heart love me unconditionally just likehow i will do with you my mind is racing going 100 miles around and around i know it's bad but i can't take this no more you know i have a crush on you why are you doing this to me please let me know how you feel

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