Change of Heart

by Yasmine Shafik

Change of Heart

(verse 1)
you were never the guy
I thought you were
straight through your teeth is how you lie
gave me that vain cliche like you were sure
as if you loved me
now I'm getting up, moving on
I was a fool all wrapped up in your arms
how could I be so naive
it's beyond my wildest dreams,
to think you really loved me.


we used to mix like ying and yang baby
now we disintegrated to oil & water lately
like a house in a tornado we're tearing apart
i'm extracting broken moments from my heart
how stupid was i to think we had it from the start
I can't seem to understand you caught me by surprise
exclusively seducing her, feeding me excuses and lies

im leaving you behind but it's so damn' hard
cause i know im submerged within your mind
a a sudden change of my heart is shifting like a tide
i know you hurt me real bad but i'm strong
I will move on
because of the change of heart in me is born (baby)

verse 2

bet you're unconscious that you broke my it
you hurt me real bad
it's not fair, i was sunk deep into you
like quicksand
the fire that held kept us warm dismantled to an ember
like we were first born ( i never thought it would end this way...babe)

Until i caught you with that girl you craved
though I always stuck up for you babe
everything you said was a lie like
I'd be yours you'd be mine
you deceived me now i know it's true
i was never meant to be with you
that's fine with me, we should depart
cause it planted in me a sudden change of heart

we used to mix like ying and yang baby
now we disintegrated to oil & water lately
i know you hurt me real bad soon i will restart
my lie cause babye i got a change of heartt (oh from ya babe)

-verse 3-

this path i've taken; a brand new start
im strong to accept your fakery;
although it's tearing me apart
with the change of heart i'll push you away
you will no longer control me
change is coming my way

you'll never catch me cry, nor shedding a tear
and when you think of me your guilt will persevere
it'll spread through ya like wild fire
burning through what you and her desire
im on restart, ridding you apart
from my life cause baby i got my change of heart

(yeahhhhhhh, i got... a change of heart)
a change of heart baby

-Yasmine Shafik

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