Cash Evils-Flex

by Chowder
(Knysna,South Africa)

All my niggas in the hood they are ballin' nigga. All my bitches in the trap they are ballin' nigga. all these freaky bad bitches wanna fuck nigga. man all i wanna do is tryna flex nigga.

Flex x6
Man all i wanna do is tryna flex nigga.

Got a death wish then mess with me nigga.
Im a nigga whos a preacher but im carrying pistol.
I keep it 100 i always swank with my hittas.
We keep it fresh all day nigga spending money.

Bitch i'm the realest ndiy'nkinga , ndifun uMinnie Dlamini.She got a Booty neFigure ndimbhal ubsuku nemini.
Just bought a Tubbler ne Kia , nigga ndyahlupha ndiynkinga.All of my niggas are stunnin', all of my niggas are clean.

All eyes on me im on that Paparazzi.Im chasing money with my nigga sthath umhlala phantsi. We keep it fresh all day im always on my flux. Mess with me ndzothath umgqala ndidubul'ibhari.

Young nigga watch me duce money, All of my niggas are dabbin', We keep it fresh and as'dlali. Im always chasing this money, These niggas know that im ballin', These bitches busy be shakin', And I be busy be flexin'. Hay"shuu.

(Uuh. they be tryna flex West nigga. ok . awthi ng'bangene mfana.)

Ok, just got a degree from talkin' shit to all my peers right. Scoop a bitch home since im wheelin' uncle Sam's ride.Hittin' all the roadstops and lookin' out for hand signs . So i can make peace with two fingers with my head out.

Kissed my role model now im bout to fuck my dreamgirl.Skinny-Dippin' with y'all bitches do that shit on weekends.Skee-ride,Scoober-Dive,Dab-Dab,BellyJive, All that shit to get advance and tighten up my team man.

I got a call from dead niggas who want me to sleepover.You be building up my confidence shit you gonn' hurt a shoulder.All them drinks be heavy flowin' but the beat just got me sobber.Mar ang'gcwali ngsezodlisa baba till i Beer ilower mara.

My G just got Saz now. Im tryna get the upper hand bra.That means being in charge not ka Cassper.All them question u be throwin' got me fed up.


Man im flexin' on them haters they be hatin' me. Keep slayin' all my hittas now they fakin me.I got alotta-lotta people they are wonderin'.infact I got alotta girls the they want a ring.

Niggas rocking Tooblers havin' a heluva time.Fuckin' your bitch like its mine.Lookin sassy dabbin with Vinny.uventoni entlek wena uthini.hay.inghudu all black. umswenko all black.ibhathu all black.Sobhatala nge check.entlek and flexin' voetsek. hay

Ngxol'izpeaker.Bad bitches on the side bamb'ifigure.sdweswe gettin a little thicker.Still hatin om my sneaker. while im busy fuckin' your bitch bra. She be doin' lapdance, so fresh, they be messin up my pants. v'tsek nonsense.For the black juice phela ngnay i license.


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