Candle of hope

by Χρήστος
(Κομοτηνή, Ελλάδα)

As if the pain was not tough
As if the tears were not enough
As if the rage was not unlimited
You crumbled
You broke into pieces.

All the clouds that have covered your smile
and the thoughts you come across every night
and the dark that you'll see in a while
is this the end?
is this a hell?
is this the most restless time of your life?

After the death,something new arrives
After the pain the morning comes
After the fire a new path starts

Pick up your pieces and connect them again
Focus on what you love and come out of the hell
Believe in the good side
Embrace the best things you have
Be a phoenix yourself.

Let's fight the darkness
Let's stop the sadness
Something bad doesn't always matter

Be your own hero
Start from scratch
Keep on walking towards the light.

Let's keep the spark
let's hold on to the greatest
let's stop worrying about the meaningless.

Embrace your candle
Light it up tonight
Hope is arising
Something new is on the horizon
Hold the candle of hope.

Candle of hope
Candle of hope

May it's flame brings you power
May it's hope takes you higher
May the darkness turns into dust and disappear.

Just hold on to
Let it go
Keep on trying
Then you'll know
The not here anymore.

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