But I'm a drummer!

Jeff "Hands" Kozuch was introduced to music by listening to his dad play country music and Hymns on his 1943 Martin D18 guitar on the back porch of their home in the woods outside Pittsburgh , PA. "My dad was in a country band which was "Pop" music at that time".

I started playing the drums at the age of 12. I soon found that Country wasn't cool and I became a rocker, playing in various bands while in high school and enduring all the criticisms of the "instrument". After one year of college, I decided to move to L.A. to become a rock star! I played surf music for Jan and Dean and, during the late seventies, I studied with Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa/PIT) and played the New Wave/Punk circuit with Dred Scott, The Alley Cats and Zamp Nicall; booked with bands like The Motels, The Go Gos, The Bangles, X, The Plimsouls and other artists. I then played in and managed Nick Nervous and Silverwood while finishing my degree in entrepreneurship. I also do public speaking for companies in the computer/MIDI industry such as Apple Computer and Passport Inc.

I met my wife when she joined Nick Nervous. We now have a pop/rock act called "Standard Deviation" with a 13 song CD available on iTunes, CD Baby, and many other sites. We write songs together in that genre and we love writing together. We also own Handlee Records, Handlee Music and Extreme Sports Music as marketing vehicles for our music.

Recently, my dad passed away and I inherited his Martin guitar, 1942 upright bass and 1939 banjo. I picked up the guitar and immediately wrote six country songs. I had to look up what I was playing in guitar books just to see if they were real chords! I am most proud of the song "On the Train to Nowhere"© which I am currently trying to shop to Country artists. Any help would be appreciated.

In addition, I am writing music for TV and movies and drum tracks for various songs and projects. I just wrote a song called "Boardheads" for the extreme sports documentary movie of the same name. I am an avid windsurfer, as is the director, and I was recruited to write and record the song to meet a two week deadline for the Sundance film festival.

All in all. it's not bad for a drummer! If you are interested in music for your project from a drummer's perspective, please contact me at jk@handleerecords.com.

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