B.smyth- young & ready

Close your eyes and open your mind
Don't worry what you don't see

Ease your body & relax yourself
Ima sooth you from your head to feet

I'm all up in your space girl
Your comfort zone is my only world

Open up and hold me tight
while I give you business cause were

Young but we Ready
We Young but we Ready
To get it on(x2)

Your turn now
touch me up & down with your tongue

Right there Bae
So passionate you showing me love

Girl put it right there
Ima make you work

Your body's good
That's why I put you first

Take me off and set me up for a ride
girl its getting real tonight cause were

Young & Ready
We Young & we Ready
To get it on(x2)

Pulling on my necklace
She scratch me up, I scratch her back

She just take control
Cause she know what she do to me

Not to new with this
So you say let's work

I'm touchin on you, You bitin on me
I can't stop, your mind blown

You tell me that your not new to this,ok
I might just start off with more than a kiss cause I know were

Young & Ready
We Young & we Ready
To get it on(x2)

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