Bruce Swanson Bass Man

by Bruce Swanson
(Aurora, CO 80014 USA)

Bruce Swanson Bass Man - Big Bottom

Bruce Swanson Bass Man - Big Bottom

Four String Steroid Infused Sonic Sonatas that pump with authentic alchemy of rebellious and joyful intensity....producing high energy, bass-driven instrumental songs that lay down a healthy groove mix of Rock, Funk and Jazz creating a new sound; very contemporary and heavy on the beat.

All Songs Instrumental and FCC Friendly


I am seeking representation for my music to sources desiring truly unique instrumental songs that are not common music library fare. Songs that offer an identity similar to a logo which immediately signifies brand quality.

In addition, through their energy, they fit well with action scenes or extreme sports footage. This video link for You Tube offers a good illustration of the two together:

I am the sole copyright owner and publisher and all my music is available for licensing for Film, TV and other Media use.

My website link below has full length songs in MP3 format that are free to download for personal use. On the home page, scroll down to ?Free Download? and click the link to access available songs. Please contact me regarding commercial use of my songs, available in 16 or 24 bit rate.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Bruce Swanson


Cell: 720-480-7315

3124 S. Parker Road, Suite #A2-201
Aurora, CO 80014

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