by Jennifer
(buckeye, az)

You steal my happiness like it is something that belongs to you. Your presents intensifies my pain. Feels like I'm falling apart in every way. Instead of putting me back together you scatter the pieces. So many broken promises held in my heart, I can't seem to shake them away. Together we planned on so many dreams, but all in vain it seems. Your gone now without a care knowing I'll always be there. The destructive path I'm on holds no promises for tomorrow, my lonely mind is in a fog so I pull away from you to ease all that's wrong. I feel myself slipping away into nightmares that won't go away. You leave me scared and broken, in this never ending room with no door. There's no way out no matter how hard I try, ever changing rooms of emptiness so why do I try. I fall endlessly into a bottomless hole of darkness, I reach out for you but your not there. I remember when you promised me forever, you place a band upon my finger. I've heard this all before should have known that happiness would fall into tears. I'm running on empty I'm vanishing into a ghost of who I once was. I just hope it stood for something.

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