by Kaitlin
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Alone, cold, black, and blue,
he yells, hits her, then just leaves,
but he'll be back, he always comes back,
and she's too scared, to hurt, too naive.

But baby don't worry,
it'll all be over soon.
I'm here to save you,
and I know what you're going through.
Darlin' please don't worry,
he'll be gone very soon,
I care about you,
come with me and we'll make it through.

She knows he loves her,
more than the other women,
the bright red roses on the counter,
they wouldn't be there if he didn't.

Forced her into love,
forced her to keep quiet,
forced her to love him every night.
She has no one who cares about it.


She's too scared to leave,
but she's too broken to stay.
What will the kids think when daddy's gone?
They see it happen, they know it's wrong.

They know daddy's secrets and they know mommy's hurt,
but they don't tell, they've seen him at his worst,
they're scared so they stay quiet.


Fighting starts again,
and he hit her once too hard.
The kids wonder where mommy has gone,
but she's somewhere safe now, she can't be harmed.

Look darlin', it's over,
and the children are safe too.
God came to save you,
and He knows what you went through.
See darlin', it's over,
you were so brave and so strong,
it lasted so long,
but you held on and you're safe now.

Sweetheart you're safe now.
You're safe.

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