by Ben-G

I guess my brother went partying in Southside with some bad friends
It’s so sad to see a good one enter and a bad one come out the other end

I don’t want to think anymore, Ben
That’s my subconscious entering in
It’s so sad to see a good egg crack in a pan,
With the heat up, and watch it blend
Why do I have to suffer for his decisions?
How symbolic, left his glasses, no vision
And if he’s driving drunk and causes a collision
Let’s hope he sees that concrete road division
I hate be so cynical bro, but just to let you know
You’re headed down a bad road
But don’t worry I’ve seen people turn before
Your uncle rob used to have a major prob
But everyone helped and it ended up being solved
But he suffered from addiction too like you
Hooked on pills and vodka and his life wasn’t true
Why am I being the big brother to you, Kody?
All those drugs it’s like I don’t know you homie
You’re an adult now, brother, time to straighten out
I don’t ever want to see you back in that jailhouse
I want to be able to hang with you all the time
You know we can’t do that if you’re heading down that line

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