Bretheren Sol "Cheap Souvenirs" Cd release late fall 2010

by Eric Malmstrom
(Ahwatukee, Az USA)

Bretheren Sol

Bretheren Sol

Western Texas 2009- Song Of The year 2008 "Across the Desert"
Nashville,Tn 2008-1st runner up Music City Songwriting contest
Los Angeles, CA – Look out for the 2008 late summer release “Devil's Rope” featuring the controversial radio hit “Rescue Me (Dear Mr. President)” by Southwest Americana artist Bretheren Sol. The new album demonstrates how this artist’s music embraces an eclectic mix of folk rock, country, country rock and alt-country flavors. One common aspect of all of Bretheren Sol’s songs is head-bobbing grooves and catchy hooks and instantly loveable rustic melodies.
“Rescue Me (Dear Mr. President)” is the sort of politically charged folk rock of which Bob Dylan would be proud. Quiet-spoken but unapologetically frank, “Rescue Me” addresses governmental ills with a direct message to the Commander in Chief. Musically, the song culls heavily from the counterculture folk rock tradition of decades past but presents these influences with contemporary artistic relevance. The video is available for viewing on YouTube and has received over 20,000 plays pre election.Now it is up to almost 50,000 plays
The album title “Devil’s Rope” is a slang term referring to barb wire employed in border fences, the parceling out of the western frontier, “One hundred years ago there were no fences, only open range, hence the ‘wild, wild west,’ western expansion, part of the original American dream,” explains E. “ ‘Rescue Me’ is just one piece of ‘Devil’s Rope’s’ diverse social commentary mixing issues (today’s blues) with Southwest Americana and folklore.”
Bretheren Sol’s music has been described as “a Chillin' SW Americana journey with lyrics and songs as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon itself. ” After all, Bretheren Sol's backyard is the Sonora Desert. The music is a hot mirage of red rock and water, cactus and blacktop, gunfights and folklore. Dreams of cool Mexican beaches and cantinas full of brown eyes, tequila and beer. Slip away from Americano politics gone wrong into a drunken haze. Bretheren Sol Devil’s Rope is a diverse piece of social commentary mixing issues with folklore and marking the Sonoran way of life – simply put, “Sonoran outlaws.” This is the cauldron for which this left-handed musical journeyman exists.
All of Bretheren Sol’s music is produced, engineered, written and performed by Eric Malmstrom ,Dan Kime on guitar,Michael Kiraly on Bass, Gary Smith drums. He has earned platinum records as a mixer, including No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” and Gin Blossoms’ “New Miserable Experience.” Eric Malmstrom has toured for a decade-and-a-half and now he is applying his experience to his own music. More information is available by visiting,, Electronic Press kit at http://www.sonicbids/bretherensol contact:

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