break up

by karina vargas

Hey boy we were inseparable from the start it was magical and a miracle that we where even together sparks in are eyes but there's one thing that will keep playing in my head I guess that day was the hardest day for us both it keeps playing in my head like a broken record Chorusand he says hey I think he should break up break up and I'm like I agree can we still be friends be friends he says yes Chorusthat night I have a dream we see each other just as friends but I kiss you and it felt so right the next morning to make me feel so much better I read the letter I wrote to myself explaining why I shouldn't get back together with him and that day playing in my head again Chorus i thought that we would be together forever and I thought that we would break the odds I'm never doing long distance ever again all the memories memories in my head that a virus you where the best boyfriend I've ever had but I guess part of me always knew it wasn't meant to be Chorus

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