(Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria)

Intro: Classyk, boluwatife nii oo
Ahnahn, Htee pon the beat, Classyk, Saggitarius
Ahnahn ahn
CHORUS: boluwatife nikose layemi (yeeh baba o), boluwatife nikose layemi (yeeh baba oo)
Oti ni malowo malola, jeko se layemi, boluwatife nikose layemi (yeeh baba oo)…… hey hey
Bridge: Moni towo bade (haahaa) , ama kole mole (ahnahn)
Moni towo bade (ahnahn), ama bimo lemo
Moni towo bade (ahnahn), ama kole mole (ahnahn)
Moni towo bade, ama bimo lemo, ama bimo lemo nana.
Verse 1: see the money we packing and there are no things we are lacking
And the way she be doing her body, go make me want to love her ehn
Baby malo foju kere mi, somawa telemi delelmi,
Oluwa blessings go reign again, elegushi go know my name
Bridge: very soon we go party for lekki (heyhey), show for Dubai (heyhey)
Anything you want when the money come I swear we go buy (heyhey)
Tour for London (haaAhaha) Plenty owo (nor nor),
The dollar the pounds, the naira the yen go filli my kolo (ahahnahnah)
Verse 2: Oya go down there, am liking the way that you roll down there,
You killing me softly oh my God, anywhere you won go I will take you there haa
Ferragamo bugatti, the money too much won leba ti,
We go party all the way, Na first class go Malay,
Bridge: we popping rozay and we shacking Hennessey join,
And when they see me they envy they say look at this boy,
Am living in primetime getting money like D1,
And when I enter see the ladies face, omo see joy heyheyhey
Outro: Bowo bade, ahn ahnahn, shey you will go with me,
Bola bade, ahn ahnahn, shey you wee fly with me
Bowo bade oo OOO, shey you wee go with me, shey you will fly with me o baby Ooo.
Nanana hey nana
Yes Ooo, amin Ooo, yes oo, amin Ooo……. Till fade
Lyrics written by SAGGITARIUS Ent. Publicity Crew.

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