by Arn Da Don
(San Diego)


Hit the bodega up, my bullets Merino incase they wanna act hood
Hit the bodega up, go get me some Pringles, go get me some Backwoods

Hit the bodega up, I hit the bodega up, I hit the bodega up

Get the dice be like Jesus Christ
Weed different flavors call em Mike n Ikes
Smoking lifesavers bout to save a life
Got my medi card need a better price
It's my lucky charm like I'm rolling dice
Bitches say I'm cool like I'm holding Ice
Hit up empire, not the tv show
But they got some dro, you see 3D yo
Make you sit calm like a tv show
If I show up late I'm on CP bro
John Cena flow, you can't see me hoe
High as hell smoking super purp
Nigga universal cop from Super Earth
Eyes red as hell not lucifer
Meet a dime chick from Jupiter
Give that dump head neck stupider
On the low mane flow cocaine
Can't gas me up need propane
Don't ask me shit don't approach mane
Get extra salty like Old Bay
On a Friday night call me Smo-Kay
Im that puff daddy AK master chiefer
Smokin’ hella cheeba never pass the reefer
Bout to set it off call me King Latifah

Hit the bodega up, I hit the bodega up, I hit the bodega up

I'm whipping I'm swervin
This mission is urgent
We dippin on purpose
Rich was the word then?
Be like this shit perfect
Unload if it's worth it
My niggas is surgeons
We open you up forget the insurance
Moving backward smoking Backwoods in this black hood
No Trevon when I run up with this black hood
Fuck nigga If I die nigga you die then ya moms gone nigga no ties
Get my eye get yo eye like pronto in like no time
Live across the street from the fucking border
Hit up Escobar wanna place a order
So confused no no want no more for that Katy Perry or that rasta for ya
Need to hide the work
Travel wit ya daughter stick it in her chocha po-po might ignore ya

Be like What's her name?
Streets call her Toya
She'll do it all for that goya Goya (x2)

Hit the bodega up, I hit the bodega up, I hit the bodega up

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